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Trends to Plus-Up Your Outdoor Space

There are new trends this spring to freshen up your decks, patios, yards and gardens. From color to texture to the way space is used, add these hot trends to your outdoor space. CottagecoreReflecting slow, country living and a warm, inviting feel, this trend is easily translated to your outdoor space. Grow this look on […]
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Spring Break in your Own Backyard

If you are unable to travel for spring break, don’t fret! You can use this week off with your kids to make lots of backyard fun. During spring break, everyone will be yearning to be outside, so take advantage of the warmer weather this week. Camp in Your Backyard Set up a tent, unroll the […]
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How to Prep for Moving

If you are moving into a new home this spring, there are a few key steps to take to prep for your move.  Breaking down the move into smaller tasks will help keep your move smooth and efficient, and keep moving costs and stress down.
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The Benefits of Holding an Open House

If you’re going to be selling your home this spring, your agent will likely suggest holding an open house when your home hits the market. Why is an open house a good idea? Think of an open house as your home’s debut to a new group of people who may fall in love with it, […]
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What is Escrow?

If you’re starting the home buying process, you’ve heard the term “escrow”. What is that exactly, and how does it apply to buying a home? Escrow refers to an account where money is held by a third party until a certain condition of a situation has been met, then the funds are released to the […]
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Should I Get a Home Warranty?

You’ve got a home now, and it’s a big investment. So of course you are protecting your investment with home insurance. But is your home totally protected? Maybe not. You might consider adding a home warranty. Think of a home warranty as a partner to home insurance. Home insurance protects you against damage to your […]
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What is a Home Appraisal?

Part of the home buying process involves getting a home appraisal. An appraisal sets a fair market value for a home or property so that a bank can lend the proper amount for the mortgage loan. An appraisal is carried out by a qualified appraiser that takes into consideration a home’s age and condition and […]
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Five Unexpected Home Storage Ideas

Living in cramped quarters? There are little-used spaces in your house that you can turn into storage for a cleaner, more clutter free home this year. Get creative and see where you can add storage! 
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How to Be a Successful First Time Home Buyer

With this new home buyer tip list in your hand, you can make buying your first home easier! It’s a seemingly never-ending process with multiple steps, but once you know what those steps are and what comes next, it won’t seem so daunting. Reduce your stress by doing as much research as you can into […]
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