5 Home Projects That Will Get You Money Back at Closing

5 Home Projects That Will Get You Money Back at Closing. When selling your Frisco, Texas home for a lucrative closing, targeting particular home improvement projects can significantly impact your returns. Strategic upgrades are key. Kelly Pearson, hailed as Frisco, Texas's premier realtor with Kelly Pearson Realty Group, guides homeowners on upgrades that boost property value and appeal to buyers in this lively market. Her expertise aids in maximizing property value and attracting potential buyers.

The kitchen, pivotal in home sales, benefits from upgrades to modern appliances, refined granite or quartz countertops, and sleek cabinetry. These changes can completely transform its appeal and functionality.
Enhancements like these not only enhance the kitchen's utility and charm but also often sway buyers when comparing homes. These upgrades carry significant weight during property evaluations.

In Frisco, where personal retreats are highly valued, bathroom renovations can substantially boost your home's desirability. Modernizing bathrooms with luxurious fixtures, ambient lighting, and spa-like features such as soaker tubs or rainfall showerheads creates an allure that can be quite persuasive during buyer walkthroughs.

Investing in the creation or enhancement of outdoor living spaces is another wise strategy. With the pleasant Texas climate, features like an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or beautifully landscaped garden can extend the livable space of your home and make it stand out in the local real estate market.

Energy efficiency upgrades are also key. Upgrading windows, adding insulation, and installing smart thermostats attract buyers seeking lower utility costs and a greener home. These features align with modern eco-conscious preferences.

Lastly, consider the overall flooring of your home. Replacing worn or outdated carpets with hardwood floors or high-quality tiles can drastically change the aesthetic appeal of your property, making it more attractive and easier to sell.

Engaging with a local expert like Kelly Pearson can provide you with tailored advice that maximizes your investment. Her deep understanding of the Frisco market dynamics ensures that your home improvement efforts align with what local buyers are seeking, potentially leading to a faster sale and better financial outcomes at the closing table.

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