Area Amenities That Make a Difference

Area Amenities That Make a Difference. If you’re moving to a new-to-you area, finding a neighborhood with all the right amenities can be a challenge. Neighborhood features can really make a house into a home, and a neighborhood into a community. Whether that’s a pool or playground, or walkable retail, there are some area amenities that make a difference now and for future return on your investment.

In years past, one of the biggest deciding factors on moving to a new area was the quality of the schools. But with the modern popularity of live/work/play neighborhoods, home buyers are looking for a house near their office as well as near restaurants and shopping. They want a walkable area that offers them a place to live close to work as well as opportunities for spending leisure time. Walkability can mean the ability to walk to kids to school of course, but more often it means walkability to eating out, entertainment venues, parks, and shopping.

Accessibility is a key amenity to look for as well. Hopping on a thoroughfare or highway quickly means more convenience and access for home buyers, so pocket neighborhoods with this amenity are more desirable. These more urban, less re-developed neighborhoods are good investments, as they will continue to turn into more desirable live/work/play neighborhoods as the years pass. Pro-tip: Before you decide to look for houses in an area, check out what grocery stores are there. Grocery stores are good indicators of a neighborhood’s stability and growth. Contact Kelly Pearson at

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