Be the Spookiest Halloween House on the Block

Be the spookiest Halloween house on the block this year. Create an unforgettable Halloween Party for neighborhood kids, embracing the spirit of the occasion and sparking their vivid imaginations. 

Vivid Pumpkin Painting Celebration: Channel your artistic prowess with a pumpkin painting plan. Acrylic paint works well to embellish pumpkins and gourds. Then seal the vibrant hues with a glossy fixative. You can even award prizes for the spookiest or most brilliantly colored creation.

Pumpkin Bowling Extravaganza: Utilize surplus pumpkins for an impromptu bowling alley. Line up an assortment of pins — 2-liter bottles, tin cans, milk cartons — and roll actual pumpkins for strikes and lots of giggles.

Enchanting Paper Bag Lanterns. Engage neighborhood youngsters in a collaborative project by allowing them to artistically adorn paper lunch bags with vibrant glow-in-the-dark paint or markers. As twilight descends, insert mini flameless tea lights into each bag, creating a mesmerizing path of illuminated wonder, and safety, along the street.

Skull Egg Scavenger Hunt: Unleash Halloween creativity as children can turn hard-boiled eggs into eerie skull designs. Adults can then orchestrate an exhilarating egg hunt where costumed kids hide these tiny skulls, an eerie spin on the traditional Easter classic.

Thrilling Pumpkin Drop Spectacle: Embrace the joy of controlled messiness by engineering a pumpkin drop extravaganza. Little ones can release pumpkins from a lofty vantage point, observing their dramatic splatter on the pavement. And remember, the pumpkin remnants can find new life in your compost pile! Contact Realtor Kelly Pearson for all your Real Estate needs at

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