Curb Appeal Ideas for Winter

Curb Appeal Ideas for Winter. Even as the weather turns colder, and lawns are covered with leaves or even snow, you can still plus up the exterior of your home this winter. If you’re selling your home in the winter this becomes especially important — as curb appeal can mean the difference between potential buyers coming inside, or not. If you’re not selling your home, you can still keep the outdoors neat and tidy, and even add some seasonal flair to liven up your holiday season.

Try these curb appeal ideas this winter:

  1. Upgrade your mailbox, house numbers, and door hardware. Modernize these foundational items.
  2. Keep up with the leaves/snow. Ensure you clear the walkways for safety.
  3. Remove leaves and debris from bushes, gutters, porches. If there’s snow on the ground check for pet droppings and remove those as well.
  4. Plus up your outdoor lighting by updating porch fixtures, or adding landscape lights. Many landscape lights now are independent and solar powered, which makes them easy to place.
  5. Pot those winter-hardy flowers for your porch. Try mums and even pansies.
  6. Accessorize your front porch with a new welcome mat, outdoor seating with cozy pillows and blanket, and a tasteful fall wreath on the door.
  7. Now’s the time to add some cheer with a pop of color for your front door. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s visible entrance will brighten the whole front of the house. Call Kelly Pearson at
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