DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

DIY Valentine’s Day décor can infuse your living space with love and warmth — it’s not only creative, it can be easy-to-make. Transform your home into a haven of love with these charming projects that celebrate the spirit of this month.

Heartfelt Garland 

Craft a garland using red and pink construction paper or felt. Cut out heart shapes and string them together. Drape it across your fireplace, staircase, or even along the entryway to welcome the season of love.

Candlelit Ambiance

Enhance the romantic atmosphere with DIY candle holders. Wrap glass jars with decorative paper or twine, securing them with a touch of glue. Drop in a tealight or a small candle, and scatter these charming luminaries throughout your home for a cozy glow.

Love Notes Tree

Create a love notes tree by hanging heart-shaped notes on the branches of a small indoor plant or a decorative tree branch. Ask family members to write down their messages of love and appreciation.

Sweetheart Centerpiece

Craft a delightful centerpiece using a vase or mason jar filled with candy hearts. Tie a ribbon around the container and set it front and center on your table to offer a sweet treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

DIY Valentine Pillows

Spruce up your living room with personalized pillows. Use fabric paint or markers to write romantic quotes or draw hearts on plain pillowcases. This simple project adds a personal touch and is fun for kids. For all your Real Estate inquires, please contact Kelly Pearson.

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