Don’t Miss Fall Home Maintenance!

Don’t Miss Fall Home Maintenance! Time is of the essence this fall, so prioritize essential maintenance tasks to winter-proof your home and ensure a problem-free winter season.

  1. As autumn leaves cascade in your yard, take swift action before they overwhelm your space! 
  2. Guard against the chill by inspecting your windows and doors for drafts and leaks. Swiftly seal any air leaks to preserve energy.
  3. Freeze-proof your faucets by wrapping and winterize them before the first freeze strikes.
  4. Safeguard against winter's icy grip by scheduling a fall furnace check-up and cleaning with HVAC professionals. Ensure that your heating system is in good condition to avoid breakdowns during freezing temperatures. Replace your filter to optimize performance.
  5. Prepare your fireplace and chimney for the colder months. Keep them clear of debris and make sure they are safe to use.
  6. Tackle the leaves, especially in your gutters. Stay on top of this task weekly until the trees are finished shedding their foliage to prevent any blockages.
  7. Time is running out to store your outdoor patio furniture properly. Cover it or bring it indoors to shield it from harsh winter weather. This applies to cloth umbrellas, pool toys, hammocks, and chairs with fabric cushions or covers.

Don't wait another moment — winter-proof your home and ensure a hassle-free winter season ahead. Embrace these crucial fall maintenance tasks, and you'll be rewarded with a well-prepared and cozy home that's ready to face whatever winter throws its way. Don’t Miss Fall Home Maintenance! Contact Realtor Kelly Pearson at

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