Five Summer Home Renovations

Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Five Summer Home Renovations. Summer is the perfect opportunity to improve your home’s curb appeal. Kelly Pearson, recognized as the best realtor in Frisco, Texas, advises starting with a fresh coat of paint. Choose lighter colors that reflect sunlight, keeping your home cooler. Upgrading your front door can also make a significant impact. A new door in a vibrant color or modern design can transform the look of your house instantly.

Transform Your Landscaping Revamping your yard is another top recommendation from Kelly. In Frisco's climate, opting for drought-resistant plants like Texas sage or blue agave is wise. These plants not only withstand the heat but also conserve water. Adding stone paths and native bushes reduces maintenance and increases aesthetic appeal. Consider consulting a local landscaper to incorporate native Texas elements that are both beautiful and practical.

Window Replacement Upgrading to energy-efficient windows is a smart investment during the summer. These windows help maintain cooler indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. In Frisco communities such as The Trails and Plantation Resort, homeowners have seen the benefits of installing double-pane windows that keep the harsh Texas heat at bay.

Expand Outdoor Living Spaces Creating or expanding outdoor living areas can significantly enhance your home’s enjoyment and value. Kelly suggests that adding features like built-in barbecues, extended patios, or even a fire pit can turn your backyard into a favorite gathering spot for family and friends. In areas like Frisco Lakes, these additions are particularly popular for their entertainment and relaxation potential.

Upgrade Indoor Flooring Lastly, replacing old flooring during the dry summer months is ideal. The absence of humidity allows for quicker installation and better setting of floor finishes. Durable flooring options such as ceramic tiles or high-quality vinyl planks are excellent choices. These materials can handle the wear and tear from increased summer activities and still look great.

Conclusion Embarking on these renovations can not only make your summer more enjoyable but also increase your home’s market value. Kelly Pearson, a realtor near me in Frisco, Texas, is ready to provide more insights or help you plan your next home improvement project. With her expertise, you can make informed decisions that enhance your living space and investment.

Contact Kelly Pearson of Kelly Pearson Realty Group today, and make the most of your home this summer!

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