How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly. You can make your home safe, comfortable, and fun for your fur babies. Before you start, think about your pet’s routines, needs, and wants. Is your pet older and needs accessibility? Is your pet high-energy and needs their surroundings pet-proofed both for their safety and for your peace of mind?

Safety First
Start making your home pet friendly by looking at your home from their perspective. Get down on the floor and think about what your pet has access to. Remove hazards like unstable places where a pet might want to climb, and consequently fall down. Also, keep hanging curtain strings and electrical cords out of their reach. Most importantly, block access to people food and trash, as well as medications and cleaning products.

Get Comfortable
Create a homebase for your pet — much like the favorite chair or comfortable bed that you enjoy. Make access to the things they need easy — bed, food, litter box. Keep well-made toys on hand for engagement. Add small ramps or steps to furniture for older pets.

Exploring the Outdoors
You can landscape your yard to make sure your pet is happy and safe. Cultivate pet-safe non-toxic plants in areas where your pet plays outside, and steer clear of using any insecticides or fertilizers in those areas.

With a few adjustments you can see to it that your pets love living in your home as much as you do. Call Kelly Pearson at

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