Ideas for Date Night at Home

Ideas for Date Night at Home. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and people everywhere will be sharing the love with their partner. But this holiday of flowers and chocolates doesn’t have to break the bank, does it? Here are some ideas for a Valentine’s Day date night at home that will inspire your heart without costing you an arm or a leg.

Serve a Meal in Bed: Greet your partner with breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day. Or serve up dinner in bed with a Valentine’s Day movie for two.

An Indoor Picnic: Put together a picnic dinner and serve it on a blanket in your living room! Include wine or champagne, a cheese board, and a chocolate dessert. 

Turn Your Favorite Food into a DIY Bar: Whether you’re a fan of nachos, baked potatoes, pizza or tacos you can turn your favorite food into a kitchen counter bar with little plates or bowls of toppings. Each person can decorate their nachos/potato/pizza/taco with their individual favorites.

Day of Service: Spend Valentine’s Day doing your partner’s typical household chores for them. Once both of you are finished, you’ll have a better appreciation for what each person contributes to the household.

Whatever you choose, the goal is to focus on what you love about the other person — and celebrate that with a special moment in the home that you created together — for a memorable Valentine’s Day. Call Kelly Pearson at

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