Moving During The Summer

Moving During The Summer. Many families move in the summertime, so as not to disrupt their children during the school year. This means moving in the summer presents challenges due to the heat and the fact that everyone is using mover resources at the same time. How can you make a summer move efficient, safe and smooth? Try these tips.

Take care of yourself in the heat. It’s important to remember that temperatures are hotter, you’re outside more, and you’re working a lot harder than normal moving boxes and furniture. Drink more water than you think you should — you are dehydrating faster. In fact, keep a cooler of iced-down water bottles nearby all day. 

Wear sunscreen and re-apply every few hours. Just walking back and forth from a moving truck to your new (or old) home can still get you sunburned. Wear your most comfortable but sturdy shoes and light breathable clothing. Pro-tip: bring a fresh pair of socks and a fresh t-shirt to switch out halfway through the day.

Start your move prep early and plan well. Reserve your moving truck early. Collect boxes and start packing early. Call utilities to make sure that your electricity (and therefore your air conditioning) is on. Bring drinks and snacks and stash them in the refrigerator of your new place to keep you going all day. And have pizza or sandwiches delivered while you move. And most important of all — set up your bed first, you’re gonna need it! Call Kelly Pearson at

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