Relationships in Real Estate for the Advantage

Relationships in Real Estate for the Advantage. Having a strong relationship with people means they’re always looking out for your best interests. Real estate professionals are no exception. By choosing an agent/broker who aligns with you —you’re setting yourself up for success. Better home selections and inside information on houses not even on the market yet for buyers. And access to buyers who want to buy your home, as well as expert negotiation tactics as you sell.

Why your agent is so important when you’re a buyer:

Real estate agents/brokers in the housing market — the really good ones — they all know each other and have built relationships with key people in their industry. They’re going to know about houses that you can’t find yet on the internet. Houses that may never even be listed. They’re going to be able to steer you to neighborhoods you didn’t even know about that are better than the ones where you’re looking. They’ll know about hot deals and be able to jump on them for you.

Why your agent is so important when you’re a seller:

Agents who help clients sell homes really know the market. They are experts at pricing your home so that you get the best deal possible. Again, they are well-connected to other brokers and agents representing buyers and can bring those buyers to your home. Doing these things on your own is not as effective as having someone like this in your corner.

We are there for you!  We have built the relationships that matter.  By choosing to work with us, you benefit from those relationships that we have cultivated and developed for a long time.  Call Kelly Pearson at

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