Set Up for Back-to-School Success

Set Up for Back-to-School Success. There’s nothing like feeling organized for back-to-school season. Set your students, and your whole family, up for success with some tips for an easy transition from a summer schedule to a school schedule.

Important Papers

When you’re getting school supplies, get an extra pocket folder and label it “Important Papers”, for each child. Keep it in their backpack and instruct them to put notes from teachers, hand-outs and things you need to sign in there.

Growing Autonomy

Teach your child to start taking care of their own school business by having them pick out tomorrow’s clothes for school every evening. Teach them to make their own lunch. And teach them the habit of doing their homework immediately when they get home every day. This will make your workload easier and foster independence. 

A Place for Everything

Add hooks to the wall near the door for backpacks and jackets. Designate a space on your bookshelf for school library books so they won’t get lost. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a bedroom door and fill the pockets with extra school supplies so kids can help themselves when needed.

Snack Hack

Keep snacks and juice pouches in the trunk of your car, so that kids can have a snack right away when they get picked up. With a snack in hand, less cranky kids are easier to chat with about their day. Otherwise, stock the pantry with plenty of after-school snacks that they can reach themselves when they get home. Contact Realtor Kelly Pearson at

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