Spend Labor Day Weekend Doing This

Labor Day is seen by many as a day not to work. But originally, Labor Day was created to celebrate work itself. This national holiday has been observed for over a hundred years. It originates from the late nineteenth century and was created to recognize the contributions that America’s workers have made to the country’s health and prosperity. This year, celebrate Labor Day weekend being mindful of its original intentions — bring together different types of workers to meet each other and realize what they have in common.

Having a backyard grill-out? The originators of Labor Day did just that. So, this year, mix it up and invite your co-workers! Make it a potluck so everyone can share a part of their lives with others. Get to know your colleagues in a relaxed setting where you can share your commonalities.

Want to honor those that are still laboring on Labor Day if you have the day off? Dine at a restaurant and generously tip your server. Work together as a group at charity. Volunteer to babysit for a mother you know, who represents all the unpaid labor in the country. Or use the day to donate your labor in a service project — mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn, help weed a friend’s garden, or work with your kids to wash someone’s car.

However, you choose to celebrate Labor Day this year, there are authentic ways to do so.

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