Tips for a Grateful Holiday Season

Tips for a Grateful Holiday Season. As we enter the holiday season, and the end of the year, it’s easy to get swept up in the spectacle. Take a moment to look past the sparkles, the feasts, and the parties to reflect on being grateful for where you are in your present moment — in mind, body and spirit. Here are some tips for practicing gratitude during the holiday season.

  1. Notice good things around you, and call them out. Go out of your way to slow down each day and point out to yourself the good things you see and experience and really appreciate them.
  2. Keep a list this month of things that you are grateful for — try to add at least one item to the list every day. On the last day of December read back your list and you’ll see what a wonderful month you’ve experienced!
  3. Thank someone, every day, for something they are doing or saying or contributing. You can spread the gratitude to others with a simple compliment or a thank you.
  4. This month, as you engage with loved ones, reflect on their past kindness and share those cherished memories together. Remind them what a positive impact they have had on your life.
  5. Try doing random kindnesses for neighbors, co-workers or those you don’t see very often. Rake their leaves, make them a meal, or bring them a coffee. Follow those tips for a grateful holiday season. Call Kelly Pearson at for all your Real Estate needs.
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