Tips for Moving with Children

For children, moving can be both stressful and exciting. With a few helpful tips for moving with children, you can keep the stressful part to a minimum and maximize your family’s excitement. Helping kids transition to a new home can be a rewarding experience.

  1. Put children’s room first on the list: Familiarity is key. Make kid’s room the last to pack up in the old house, and the first to unpack in the new house. Make sure their most favorite possessions don’t get packed, but instead are saved in a backpack so they are always accessible during the move. 
  2. Stick to routines as much as possible: Try to stick to regular bedtimes and wake-up times on moving day. That last bedtime story in the old house can ease right into the first bedtime story in the new house by keeping their most favorite books and snuggly stuffed animals close-at-hand during the move. 
  3. Talk about the move with kids: Go through the steps of moving with your kids. Talk about selling the old home and how you’re going to pack. Discuss the new exciting things at the new house like a bigger yard or a new school or an ice cream shop nearby.
  4. Let kids help with the move: No matter their age, give kids a job to do to help the family move.

When they help own the process, it’s less scary for them and they can voice their concerns. Those are the some tips for moving with children. Call Kelly Pearson at

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