DIY Patio Renovation Tips

DIY Patio Renovation Tips. Spending time on your patio is one of the highlights of summer. Besides adding flowers how can you upgrade your backyard? Whether its lighting, flooring or décor, here are some easy DIY patio renovation tips that will help make your old backyard into your new favorite place to hang out.

Make it bigger

Add square footage to your “patio” space by simply adding concrete squares in a spaced-out checker pattern with crushed granite or pea pebbles filled in-between. This is an easy way to define your space, and doesn’t require a contractor! 

Define your space

Another easy way to define your patio space is to simply lay down an outdoor rug. Choose a geometric pattern or bright pop of color to contrast nature and create your outdoor room’s floor.


Make a stone or concrete square path leading from your patio to another sitting area, around a garden space, or down the side of the house. This will add texture and interest, and also cut down on the amount of grass you’ll have to mow. Win-win!

Light it up

Adding outdoor lighting to your patio area makes it more inviting, and extends your hours outside. Think holiday string lights, hanging lanterns, even solar-powered garden lights.

Express Yourselves

Turn your boring fence into a work of art. Inside your wooden fence near your patio, paint a mural. Get the whole family involved and liven up your outdoor space. Call Kelly Pearson at

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