Setting the Stage for Potential Buyers

Setting the Stage for Potential Buyers. Though you can hire a professional to stage your home for you, it’s also possible to get your home ready for potential buyers on your own. The purpose of staging is to showcase your home’s best assets while making it easy for buyers to imagine themselves in the space. In fact, 87% of buyers’ agents say that staging helps potential buyers see the house as their future home.

The first step is decluttering and de-personalizing. You’re getting your home ready to appeal to as many buyers as possible, which means making it as “bland” as possible. Memorabilia should be boxed up and put in storage, along with personal photos. And while you may love your bright pink bathroom, repaint in favor of light-reflecting, neutral colors.

Next it’s time to start cleaning. To make sure your home really shines, attend to details: fill any holes in the walls, wipe down baseboards and windowsills, and make sure appliances are spotless. Any damage or dirt potential buyers spot will go on their list of reasons to lower their offer.

When it comes to final touches, bring a bit of life into your home with real plants and flowers. To ensure visitors have a positive sensory experience, get rid of any strong odors and consider baking cookies or burning vanilla candles. These simple steps will help draw in potential buyers willing to offer top dollar for your home. Call Kelly Pearson at

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