How to Declutter to Maximize Your Space

How to Declutter to Maximize Your Space. Maximize your space by decluttering your home. Decluttering your home can make a big impact on your daily life: less stress, finding thing more easily, getting dinner together quicker, and ultimately less cleaning because there’s less to clean.

Keep, store, donate, throw away

Go through your home and evaluate every item in every room. Does this belong here? Do you use it often? Only keep items in the room that you use on a regular basis. Items that are used every once in a while can be stored out of site. Items that are still in good shape but never used can be donated. And broken or damaged items can be thrown away. 

Maximizing your kitchen pantry

Since mealtimes can be a tedious chore and even a big production, start with a clean slate. Get rid of items that you are never going to use. Donate them to a local food pantry if they are still viable, or throw them away if they are expired. Organize your pantry for quick access, grouping like-items together. 

Could this be digital?

One of the areas where you can see change easily is by trading paper for digital. Read books, magazines and newspapers online. Scan papers or photos, keeping a digital copy on your computer — and in your cloud back-up instead of in boxes. Free up closet space by taking pictures of kid’s projects instead of saving every item. Contact Realtor Kelly Pearson at

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