What to Know About Buying an Older Home

What to Know About Buying an Older Home. When you choose to buy an older home, you’re looking for character and unique features in an older neighborhood. Older homes are sought-after, but good or bad, know what you’re getting yourself into when you go this route. 

Modern inconveniences

Older homes might not have central heat and air, or energy-efficient windows. The plumbing might require replacing a clay pipe. There might not be a dishwasher or garbage disposal. Be aware that you might be saving on the price of an older home, but spend that money you saved making living in it more comfortable.

Smaller storage

From closets to garages, older homes often fall short of providing the ample space you might need for your cars and belongings. You’ll have to get creative with storage, remodel rooms for bigger closet space, or downsize your car to fit into your new older home. On the bright side, an older home with smaller closets will perhaps force you to declutter your wardrobe!

Landscaping less

What to Know About Buying an Older Home. In older neighborhoods, homes often have mature, lush landscaping. Giant trees and shrubs mean you’ll have plenty of shade and won’t have to wait ten years for plantings to grow in like you would in a newly built neighborhood. You’ll simply have to trim branches every year to keep your trees healthy.

Buying an older home comes with unique responsibilities, but it can certainly be worth your while to invest in this type of home. Contact Kelly at kellypearsonrealtygroup.com.

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