Prepping Your Lawn for Spring

Prepping Your Lawn for Spring. Early spring is a good time to get your lawn ready to emerge, grow strong, and last all summer long. You can help your lawn thrive by adding a few steps to your lawn prep list.

Start by clearing your lawn of everything that is not lawn. Big rocks, piles of dead branches, leaves and dead plants all need to go. Rake the small stuff and give your lawn the best access to sun, air and water for the spring growing season. Once your yard is cleared out, give it a first mow to get rid of the straw (dead grass) and give the lawn a chance to start fresh. 

Think about how different trees and bushes are affecting the sunlight access to your lawn, whether its overgrown branches or surface roots. Trim trees and bushes for optimum sunlight exposure or shade, depending on the type of grass you are growing. Remember to add a layer of mulch around your trees and flower beds to hold in moisture.

Next, you’ll want to aerate your lawn by poking holes everywhere. This gives your grass access to air, and keeps roots from compacting. Then apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer. This feeds the new grass, and prevents weeds. There are even alternatives to chemical herbicides such as corn gluten that are organic and safe around pets and children. Do this now, and then plan to do it again in about eight weeks, right before summer, to have a green lush lawn this year. Call Kelly Pearson at

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