Trends to Plus-Up Your Outdoor Space

Add these hot trends to plus-up your outdoor space such as decks, patios, yards and gardens. From color to texture to the way space is used.


This trend easily translates to your outdoor space, reflecting slow, country living and an inviting, warm feel. Grow this look on your patio by adding vintage pots and containers, an old rocking chair with a cozy throw, or planter boxes from the past. This looks is easy on the pocket book as well, since thrift stores will be your biggest source of inspiration and materials.

Outdoor Dining Extras
It's more popular than ever this year, enhanced with outdoor bar cars, real pizza ovens, and tabletop fire pits.

Another indoor trends goes outside this spring, as outdoor furniture upcycles, recycles and renews its look with materials that are natural and sustainable. Look for reclaimed wood furniture, planters made from repurposed items, outdoor carpet and textiles made from recycled plastic, and solar-powered lights. Instead of buying new this spring, think about how you can upcycle or recycle something for the patio that you already own.

Drought-resistant Landscaping
Extreme weather conditions call for plants that can take it. Check the charts for your area and opt for native plants that are drought-tolerant. You’ll not only cut down on the water you use this year, you’ll cut down on the time you spend maintaining your landscaping. It’s a win-win. Those are some trends to plus-up your outdoor space. Call Kelly Pearson at

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