Show Dad He’s a Hero This Weekend

Show Dad He’s a Hero This Weekend. Show dad that he’s your hero and try one of these ideas to celebrate dad at home, make it memorable, and include all your family members.

Everyone Else is Dad For the Day

What does dad do for you? Well, today you’re going to do that, while he relaxes. You’re going to mow the lawn, take out the trash, sweep out the garage and wash everyone’s car. Whatever dad would have spent his time doing, get it done for him. After all, he deserves a break today! Let him know how much you appreciate everything he does for you.

Dinner Made by The Whole Family

Turn Father’s Day dinner into a production! Every member of the family can be responsible for one course of a multi-course dinner, served to the king of the day — dad. Littlest kids can scoop ice cream into a bowl for dessert or serve a basket of rolls and butter. Older kids can try their hand at a fancy side-dish, or create a special salad. Everyone works together to make dinner.

Family Painting Class

Get small canvases, acrylic paints and brushes and hold your own “paint and sip” class for the family. If the weather is nice, paint outdoors to minimize clean-up. The subject of today’s painting class? How to Show Dad that he's a hero on this special weekend . After you’re done, you can hang all the dad portraits together on a wall to commemorate the day. Call Kelly Pearson at

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