Things to Look for When Viewing a Property

Things to Look for When Viewing a Property. It’s very exciting to walk through your potential new home for the first time. When you’re falling in love with a place though, don’t forget to check the details to make sure it meets your basic requirements.

Start at the top:

When was the roof installed? Is there a warranty and does it transfer to a new owner? Ask if there are other layers of roofing underneath the visible one, possibly hiding future repairs.


When was the house last painted? Does the brick look solid, or are there cracks in the mortar? Or cracks in the foundation? Take a look at the trees near the house. If they are too near the house, the roots could cause foundation problems. And, excess leaves could clog gutters, cause bug infestations, or drop branches on the house during a storm.


Check windows to make sure they open, close, and lock. Faulty windows can cause higher heating and cooling costs if there are cracks or gaps. Look at interior walls for cracks. Cracks could mean that the structure shifts there are foundation problems. Look for water stains on ceilings as well.

How things work:

Ask about the electrical and plumbing systems, and appliances. Check the breaker box. Also, inquire about switches or electrical outlets and when repairs or updates have taken place.

Be prepared for your next viewing, to assess a home’s real condition and help you make an informed decision. Call Kelly Pearson at

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