Unexpected Grilling Favorites

Unexpected Grilling Favorites. Grills are not just for meat. You can grill all sorts of nontraditional things on your outdoor grill this summer, and you’ll be surprised by the added flavor complexity the grill adds. Be creative with your grilled meals, and make them memorable.

Sure you’ve grilled shrimp or cubed meat on skewers, but have you made veggie kabobs? Try lining up chopped zucchini, yellow squash, whole olives, button mushrooms and tiny potatoes on a skewer. Make it even easier by throwing them in a large plastic bag with olive oil and herbs, or some pesto sauce. Shake then take out and skewer.

Add even more flavor to your veggie kabobs with intermittent chunks of pineapple or kiwi! Grill peach halves (coated with olive oil) or bananas and serve with ice cream for an easy summer dessert. Plus up this dessert by grilling a thick slice of cake and topping it with the grilled fruit and ice cream.

Kid Food
Your kids like grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas, right? Imagine how much better they’ll taste coming off the grill outside! Kids can make their own quesadilla or grilled cheese with different ingredients inside and you can grill it for them.

Grill thick slices of bread, pita, or naan on your grill and serve it with your grilled meat for a deliciously different outdoor meal. Be sure to brush the bread with olive oil or butter for crispy edges.

What are your unexpected grilling favorites you want to add to the list? Call Kelly Pearson at kellypearsonrealtygroup.com.

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